Sunday, 24 April 2011

18. Daisies in diagonals 1: motif for shawls

This pattern is a new variation of the motif 16. Little daisies. In this version tiny flowers are placed to form diagonals with empty space inside.
This pattern includes interesting lace stitch, when odd number of stitches is knitted together and the same amount of stitches is raised from them.

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  1. This is really beautiful
    I'd like to try this and have a question as I am new to doing lacework. Its the part which says "knit 7 stitches from 7 stitches, knit seven stitches together & increase of them seven stitches - knit stitches alternatively with yarn over"
    I'm a little confused on this, can you help me understand it a little better?
    I believe I understand the rest of the directions & the charts.
    Thanks much

  2. - you knit together 7 sts
    - than you make yarn-over, than you take yarn (knit) from the same hole that is created by 7 sts, yarn-over, again knit through 7 sts , yarn-over, knit through 7 sts

  3. Thank you Olga. That helps.