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" I was always wondering how are created "spider's webs" called lace shawls... Being passionate knitter I was coming to this skill step by step. Once I opened for myself Haapsalu shawls and from this moment I'm more and more inspired by their close-to-nature beauty. By this project I would like to make my small contribution to this wonderful tradition."
Olga Jamovidova
Brno, Czech republic

"Knitted lace can become a passion for years! I started to knit Haapsalu shawls couple years ago and at first sight it seemed like a quick and fleeting love. As time passed by, I realized that this is a very large and deep feeling. Moreover needlework and Estonian knitting traditions are worth loving! To knit for this project is my great pleasure and honor. I hope that you will find inspiration here! You are always welcomed here!"
Liina Gavrilov 
Märjamaa, Estonia

Guest authors 

"When I got into lace knitting, I liked almost everything at first. But soon I favored the Estonian and Haapsalu shawls the most. The reason for this is the texture those tiny "diamonds" called nupps create in combination with the openwork patterns. I love the interplay of light or dark shades (depending on the colour of the wool) which comes into being due to the nupps when the shawl is held against the light. I have been fascinated by the look of “feather-weight” wool from beginning. Knitting stitch motifs, especially lace stitch patterns, is the most relaxing kind of knitting for me. I also love to see patterns evolving. That is also why I like to alter existing stitch patterns. I am so curious about how a new pattern will look like."
Nina Leiter,
Wetzlar, Germany