Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Guest pattern:The Sky Touches Your Shoulder / Taeva puudutus ├Álgadel

Today we would like to present a new part of our blog-project "guest patterns".
First invited author is Nina Leiter from Germany, whose beautiful works you can find in Ravelry under name of nordwolke or visit her blog.

Nina says about her lovely pattern:
I have always been fascinated by the stars and the universe in a scientific way (physics) and I observe stellar objects in a telescope from time to time. Thus, when I first saw the "Original Crown Prince" shawl in the "Haapsalu Shawl" (Siiri Reimann, Aime Edasi) book, I fell in love with the big stars included and the overall concept with the big star being positioned precisely in the centre of the shawl/stole. As I mentioned before, I like to make my own versions of patterns. After a lot of overruled ideas, this is the final version I really wanted to knit! I will surely knit it again sometime in the future. Until then, I would be glad to see your results of my "Original Crown Prince" adaption. 

About the pattern:
This is a large stitch motif similar to the “Original Crown Prince” in the “Haapsalu Shawl” (Siiri Reimann, Aime Edasi) book. It is, however, more magnified for easier use. This is no detailed pattern in terms of a detailed written description. It is a pattern with a detailed chart (10 pages).
There is neither a description on how to do the sewn-on edge nor a stitch pattern of the sewn-on edge used included!

Ravelry project page
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  1. Ladies, you are amazing! You are doing a great job with your project. Thank you! Magda